Caring For Your Septic Tank

Caring for your Septic Tank Every home owner or renter has heard horror stories about septic tank disasters. You can avoid living your own horror story if you provide basic maintenance for your septic system. Here are the answers to the top five questions about caring for your septic tank: What is a Septic System […]

Foundation Installation

The foundation provides the support necessary for a building. Without the proper foundation, buildings often shift and become un-level, or – in severe cases — collapse. Concrete is one of the commonly used materials for foundations. Construction of a concrete foundation requires specialized equipment and larger projects often require a crew of several people. Do-it-yourselfers […]

Site Clearing

For your next site clearing project, think North Star Excavating, Inc.. Mulching clears the land of unwanted trees and brush without the destruction to the property and/or surrounding trees. All material is chipped into mulch, with stumps being cut as close to ground level as possible. The mulched material can be left on the ground […]