Sand | Loam | Fill

Sand | Loam | Fill

North Star Excavating, Inc. has a fleet of trucks that is available to haul material in and out of sites. Our delivery service is second to none and that is the key to staying on top in the material business. Our customers have employed multiple people and operators waiting on job sites for a material to be delivered.  Many times we receive last minute calls because the original hired delivery service failed to produce the product. It’s unfortunate that a few unreliable vendors give our business a bad name. If you have been stood up for delivery of sand loam or fill, please contact North Star Excavating, Inc.. Many times we are able to reschedule and re coordinate our trucks to accommodate your needs by prioritizing and figuring out what is the most logistical way to route the trucks and perform the deliveries.

We offer for delivery:

• stone
• gravel
• sand
• loam
• fill

We are available for hire by the hour or by the job. Our promise to you:

Excellent Quality, Competitive Pricing and Unbeatable Service.

We are North Star Excavating, Inc.!


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