Septic systems are little sewage treatment systems common in areas with no connection to main sewage pipes provided by a city or town. They generally consist of a tank that is connected to an inlet pipe on one end and a septic drain field at the other. If a septic system is not maintained properly, repairs may be necessary.

At North Star Excavating Inc., we take septic systems very seriously from properly locating the drain field to optimizing it for long-term performance. Taking advantage of the soils particular percolation characteristics as well as functionality with elevations ensures that the customer receives the most economical installation possible. Our engineer walks each customer through the importance of locating the system in the best location possible.

We install many different brands of septic systems like:


North Star Excavating Inc. works well with the local Health Departments and Engineers. At North Star Excavating, we are skilled in understanding blueprints, local codes, soil limitations and environmental issues. We take the stress and worry out of the work we do for you since we are licensed and insured.


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